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tv   Moyers Company  WHUT  September 17, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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3 monday september 17th p
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3 3 3 right now... investigators are
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trying to determine what caused a fatal fire in happened early yysterday morning... killing one man and injuring two fire f. firefightersstom rodgers is hhre with a warning from fire officials... plus your other top stories of the morning. good morning guys,this is what's left of the home on woodland avenue.neighbors tell us at one point it was completely engulfed in flames. at this hour... investigators are still trying to figure out what caused it. the fire broke out around 5 o'clock yesterday morning.two fire fighters suffered minor injuries trying to battle it. while they're expected to be okay... the maa who lived there... was found dead on the first floor.they believe he died of smoke iihalation and burns. three other people inside at the time... were able to escape. 406 i was there standing there when they finally walked over to tell the wife that they found the husband's body and she just, she lost it you know 16 158 lattr on i heard that the hussand actually gotten
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house nd didn't ake it himself 06 this is the sixth fatal fire point... officials aren't sure if there were working smoke detectors in the home... but they are reminding everyone who needs one to call 3-1-1 and crews will ome to your home and install one right away. protests continue to break out in over 20 ountries today... over an nti-muslim video... that was produced in viral.protest natst viral..- natsit's triggered violence in several areas... incluuing libya... where 4 americans were killed tuesday... including the u-s ambassador to libya.the obama administration is still investigating the attacks to determine if they were spontaneous... or part of a long-forming plan. but it's still unclear how to reduce tension in countries with a u-sspresence. 1:09 bolton says: "backing away from the filmmis not going to eeiminate the hatred or extremism. (butt to) the harder they push, the more we apologize, they'll just push more."-butt to-1:00- 1:00 yates says: "i think it's very very important not to disengage from this vital
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region, we just have to find a military invasions."olve invasions."secretaryyof state hillary clinton is making muslii regions. the embassy in islamabad clossd down tooay... as a precaution ahead of more planned protests. with less than 60 days to go before the presidential election... governor o'malley is stumping in iowa... and some are wondering about his true intentions. o'malley says he is in the residential proving ground to help iowans elect a democratic governorr.. not sowing seeds for his own presidential ambitions.but the sttte has been a common early stop for white house aspirants... the presidential caucuses are scheduled to begin the 2016 democractic nominating process. a town in argentina is using cameras... to spy on teens. it's part of a prrject called the "night prevention plan"... and is a way for parents to closely monitor their teees at night. parents would have to register... to be allowed access to a vast network of surveillance
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entrances and exits to bars f - and night clubs. concerned parents say the project is about teen safety. the night prevention lan is in a 6-week trial period. a new study finds just how mmch salt is consumed by kids in the u-s.and according to the centers for disease control and preventton... it's too much. much. the c-ddc ffnds kids eat as much salt as adulls. that's about 1-thousand milligrams more than they should. the recommended daill sodium intake for kids and adults... is no more than 1 teaspoon a resull... 15-percent of the kids studied had high blood pressure. it's been a deadlyyyear already for many inffcted with thh swine flu and west nile virus. so with the traditional flu season now upon us.... will you be asked to take more shots? shots? joel d. smith is live at a minute-clinic in towson to find out. good morning joel d. 3 -3 3
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3 3 a two year old gets behind the wheel... and his parents video thing.hes the designated
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driver next time i get drunk. giovanni was posted on his parents' facebook the video the father ... who is a marine... lets his son.. who steer the car as other vehicles zoom by.the family has ince apologizee and says giovanni won't be behind the steering wheel anytime soon. they're some of the best dancers in the country.. and they're coming to baltimore. baltimore.sytycd performance nas nats your chance to win tickets to the "so you think you can dance" live tour.. is coming up in just 10 minutes. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((bump out))
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3 pget a massage and give someone a chance to improve their heaath.massagg envy and the arthritis foundation are teaming up to raise awareness to fight arthritis. nancy boone... owner of massage envy joins us this morning with more.-how can people participate? 3 p do you have to schedule an appointment or can you walk in? -about how long does each massage take? take?
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a joint effort to fight arthhitis pain is happening wednesday september 19th nationwide. for more information log on to fox baltimore dot com slash morning. see the beet dancers in america perform live... for fre. free.sytycd performance nats nats your chance to win tickets to the "so yyu think you can dance" live tour... is coming up after the break. break. 3
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america's favoriteedancers are coming to baltimore. baltimore.the "so you think you can dance live tour" ill arts center at the lyric on novembbr 28tt at are available now at show for free.u inside the free.the 4th and 5th callers right now aa 410-481-4545 win a pair of tickets. be entered into a grand prize drawing this friday for a mmet rules go to foxbaltimore dot com. 3
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3 pamper yourself... without leaving the house.
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if yoo don't have time to make worry we have some "do it 't - yourself" nail trends that could help. chelsea allen from the wilder experience joins us with more. -what can we do ourselves? -how long does it take to do
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at home?-how should it look when we are done? done? 3
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to learn about other nail trends and for more informmtion log on to fox baltimore dot com slash one disney theme park is about to ggt a lot more agical.. parenns.what they'rr going to start selling there for the first time ever... that's for adults- only. only. yoo're watching fox 45 good day baltimore.
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he's been all over the news since the day mitt romney named him his running mate... but paul ryan was no stranger to controversy long before then. whether it's crunching numbers to get a handle on the budget... or fielding questions about health care... this gop favorite is getting lots of attention from both sides of the aisle. watch monday as david brody sits down for a one on one conversation with vice president candidate, paul ryan... ((break 4)) 3 3 3
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&pan investigation is underway in baltimore... over claims of cheating in baltimore schools. on why those claims were more - made... plus a look at today's other top stories.good morning, tom. hey patrice and megan. accorring to the baltimore sun... a forensics company will soon be reviewing thouuands of standardized test . dozen schools saw test scores drop dramatically in the past president jimmy gittings is speaking out... saying the 275 thousand dollar contrrct is a waste of money... and that allegations of cheating are wrong. the teachers strikeein chicaao will continue into this week. on sunday... the chicago teachers union and the school board had reached aatentative contract deal. but the union's president says the committee was unhappy with the proppsed agreement... and wanted more time to discuss it with union members. chicago's mayor has asked city lawyers to file a court injunction... to force teachers back to work. the union's special committee will reconvene tomorrow. if a deal is reached... classes could
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resumm wednesday at the earliest. 3& today... protesters will gather near the new york stock exchange... to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of the "occupy wall street" movement. movement.marches and rallies are also planned in more than 30 citiis around the country. over the weekend... at least a dozen people were arrested... while observing the anniversary.the movement has lost its ability to &porgaaize... sinceenew york city mayor michael bloomberg eeicted the protesters from the plaza lass year. it's an especially dangeus year when it comes to seasonal viruses. outbreaks of west nile virus and the swine flu are bothhup. up. does that mean you'll haveeto sshedule more than just a regular flu shot this year? joel d. smith is live at a minute-clinic in towson with that answer, and a way ffr those squeemish with needles to get theer immunization a little easier. good morning joel d. 3
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disney's "magic to get more magical for adults. adults.for the first time ever... beer and wine will be on the menu at be our guest"... a new french restaurant at the theme park. park.alcohol is served at some other disney parks... including epcot center. the restaurant opens nooember 19th. backlash after a professor breast feeds during a lecture. lecture.but why sse says she isn't the real problem. problem. nn!nn!n!n!n! ((bbeak 5))
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((toss to weather)) ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 weather kid tease weather kid tease 3
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a professor who breast-fed during a lecture... speaks out. out.i very discreetly fed her. i don't believe any part of my breast was showing. i don't think my nipple was showing. what she says about the backlash.. and hether or not she'd do it again. again.and next... what do you get when you mix the best chefs in maryland... with fresh local ingredients?some goodies like these.where you can go to taste it all. you're watching fox 45 good day ballimore. 3
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from the farm righttto your plate... if you're a foodie you will love this. thirty great dishes made from fresh, local ingredients... that you can taste all for a good cause. greg rhoad from hef's expressions is joining us with more about the "farm to chef" culinary competition.-tell us about this event.-who does this benefit?-what are you making to?
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to get your tickets and to learn more about farm to chef log on to fox bbltimore dot com slash morning. ááweather teaseáá you're watching fox &p45 good day baltimore.
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an american university professor responns to child during class. as lisa sylvester reports... the prrfessor believes the situation wouldn't have gotten this much atttntion.. if she were a male. male. --reporter pkg-assfollows -- assistant professor adriennn pine is starting her fourth year at american university. the single mom normally leaves her daughter lee at a washington day care while at faal classes her 11 month old daughter woke up with a slight fever. i didn't have emergency day care and i couldn't bring her to the regular day care. so i was faced with difficult choice of being there for my students, which as a professional is the most important thing for me to
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do, or being there for my daughter. and the onny way i could do both of those was pring my daughter to class. during her class of 40 fussing. sheewas hungry. so pine - who says she has nursed her daughter at other public places including the parks and airplanes.... even several locations on campus... breastfed her daughter during class. i very discreetly fed her. i don'ttbelieve any part of my breast was showing. i don't think my nipple was showing. the most important thing for me was eeding her and withhn couple of minutes she fell asleep. one student jake carias was shocked... later tweeting:sex, gender, feminist, walks in with her breast feeding time #wtf. carias spoke to cnnshe could have taken a sick day, stayed with the child, the ta would have came into the class, reaa
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the syllabus, gave us an explanation as o why she wasn't here, our class would have left early, and nobody would have complained. there would have been no problems at all. a professor missing a class on occasion is perfectly normal- there's nothing wrong witt that. she kind of blew it up in the wrong ay. pine lashed out at a university student reporter in a scathing article about what happened. but pine insists her intention was never to be what she calls a breast-feeding activist. student reaction on campus was mixed-i don't think she was 3 tryinggto be like look what i can do- i thought she was just feeding her chhld. for thh first day of class, i think it's probably a little inappropriate i understand it's like a natural thing and part of human nature, but at the same time, we're not used to that- especially as college students and who've probably never had a child.pine says there is a much larger issue.
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that there are tough choices particularly for working mothers. many who grapple with how to balance work demands with a sick chiid. if i had bottle-fed my daughter i would not have been attacked for that. if a male professor had brought his child to class the response would be 'how sweet, whereas as a woman when i to - thattyou now o get attacked. (s/u) i asked adrienne pine if the situation where the same would she do it again. she says probably not. she didn't expect this backlash. she says she's llarned people are still &psqueamish about public breastfeeding. and she hopes this bbggn a new conversation aboot the need for adequate childdcare opttons for workiig
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parents. lisa sylvester cnn washington-----end----- cnn.script----- get ready for rain. rain.steve tells us when showers could hit... next in the 7- day forecast. forecast. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore.
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targeting information on the violence at u-s embassies overseas...on
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